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As most will know guarantees and warranties are available for most products these days - either as a charged extra, or as a standard freebie by the manufacturer. The Roofing & cladding industry is no different, though some that are charged extra offer no more than can be achieved for free anyway.

Surprisingly, we believe that although a great deal of effort is exerted to obtain such warranties when a building is new, very few are still valid within a year or two of practical completion as the terms of the warranty are not maintained by those responsible.

Furthermore, what most appear to misunderstand is the true cover of what is being offered, in some instances the cover is virtually worthless. Please request a copy of all manufacturer's warranties before specifying materials and check to ensure you are getting what you or your client require. Then ensure that you can comply with the terms required.

Manufacturers will generally provide some form of Guarantee with regard to their product . In the case of a roof or wall sheet for example, this generally relates to the coating only. It will not cover the design and most exclude the workmanship too.

Other warranties will have various restrictions such as a limiting temperature range, which if exceeded will invalidate the warranty. One such warranty specifies a minimum temperature of ~ Minus 20 Degrees C. Temperatures in the UK have regularly exceed this ( -26 Newport, Shropshire , - 27 Braemar, Scotland, -23 Rhayader , Wales )

Another issue is that some require annual or 5 yearly inspections to be carried out at the client's cost. These are frowned upon by HSE. Most sheet coatings now will carry a 25 to 40 year warranty without annual inspections. However, as gutters will be required to be cleaned on a regular basis, why not use a company that are "roof wise" and can advise on any deterioration during their visit ? Nonetheless, checking the supplier's requirements is essential when selecting the right product for your building as such inspections can add a significant cost to a building within it's lifetime, especially if a cherry picker or specialist scaffold is required too. Many Architects are designing buildings which makes inspections virtually impossible or unsafe anyway.

Another thing to consider is what happens when things do go wrong ? Most will offer you replacement materials only. i.e. a man in a van arrives hands you a box of screws or similar and waves you good bye - it is then up to you to arrange scaffold and labour to undertake the rectification at your cost.

One screw supplier does provide a warranty ( per project ) up to a 40 Million Swiss Francs ( approx £26m ) to cover all costs including internal damage and loss of stock etc ~ so search for the cover that you require.

With regard to metal sheets, TATA will generally arrange or pay for rectification, ( edge peel corrosion etc ) but not consequential losses. Check the fine print of your supplier - not all Coatings used in the UK are by TATA or are made in the UK.

So what cover is available without paying Insurance Premiums ?

With careful choice of specification the following are available from selected sources.
Though it is fair to say, those that do not offer such warranties may be more expensive products.

We can assist you with the compilation of such a specification geared on your requirements, budget and design criteria,


Main sheet warranty

25 to 40 years
25 years with c £26m cover
25 Years to 30 years
25 to 40 years
Not usually covered
There are schemes available with a 12 to 25 year warranty , but this will limit design choice


Some warranty durations can be reduced by such factors as location.


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